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The Most Engaging Children’s Book

Whifty Whiff is a funny, colourful and engaging children’s book which encourages your child to ask questions on every page! But how is this the most engaging children’s book you might ask? The illustrations provide a realism and depth to the character Whifty and the environments he explores. Additionally, each page has rhyming and actions

Not only can parents discuss emotions, content and artefacts on each page, they can leverage the themes in this book to start the conversation about broader topics too. So what are you waiting for? Read on and learn more about Whifty Whiff the Most Engaging Children’s Book!

Encourage Your Child to Read

To encourage a child to read sets them up for life. While there is no one solution for this, having an engaging book often helps. Whifty Whiff provides a great platform for you to encourage your child to read. Especially with the over stimulated content on streaming services and devices, books these days need to compete with the visuals of what the children see daily. 

Where to buy the Most Engaging Children’s book?

We have partnered with Australia based company Booktopia, Australia’s local bookstore. Click the direct link below to be taken to the Whifty Whiff product page. The perfect gift . Targeted at children ages 2 to 7.

About the Most Engaging Children’s book

Whifty Whiff, a cheeky and lovable creature, just loves living underneath Lucy’s messy house. While Lucy is out, Whifty sneaks out to play with her toys, leaving behind his trademark ‘pong’. But when he’s startled by Lucy’s sudden return, what will he do?…

This book helps adults start a conversation with children about cleaning up after themselves and righting their wrongs. They’ll be packing away their toys without issue with Whifty around!

Whifty Whiff is perfect for kids from 2-7 years old. It’s great for story time reading with a grown up. And new readers will enjoy the rhyming prose and captivating illustrations.

“Whifty Whiff is engaging and our students, particularly those in Stages 1 and 2 loved it. The illustrations are outstanding also.”

Lauren Telford

Assistant Principal, Carringbah Public School

Inexpensive Gift For Students

We are very passionate about encouraging reading at a young age and can offer discounted books at an amazing price. This inexpensive gift for students can be provided at wholesale prices if you contact us directly. Minimum 20 books.

If your school is based in NSW and you’re keen to provide a very memorable and personalised gift, we would love to hear from you. Contact Us below.

Whifty Whiff Walkthrough

Check out the walk through of Whifty whiff below.