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About TL Consulting

TL Consulting Group is an independent Australian professional services company established in 2008. They are an industry leader, delivering specialised solutions and advisory in DevOps, Data Migration and Quality Engineering with Cloud computing at the core.

Our role

We provided a Marketing strategy, rebranded the website and artifacts, created 3D Animations for presentation purposes, modernised their existing and new processes graphically, enhanced their SEO and implemented a proven campaign framework that generates leads.

Our Process

Real Ranger Media was initially brought on to maintain their website and align branding to their new service offerings.

Once the service pages were completed, there was an opportunity to market these to TL Consulting’s new clientele. We created a tailored marketing strategy and framework that was based on understanding their current level of digital marketing maturity. The framework has proven to generate leads for their sales team.

Featured Videos

TL Consulting needed internal videos to help communicate their service offerings and team success stories to certain clients. As we knew there was a need for multiple videos, we created reusable assets and setup 3D environments to cater for changes in scope and overall look.

Digital Marketing Maturity Model

Below is a high level view of our Digital Marketing Maturity Model. This model is used to identify the current state of the digital marketing footprint and agree on a target state with the client.

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